“I worked with Tom when he had recently joined Eyestorm, on some issues that he had inherited and were certainly problematic. He was fabulous to work with - always providing the necessary and required information quickly and efficiently, and always working with the utmost integrity. I had known him before this, through different spheres of his work, but had never worked with him before. He's a superb writer on art world related issues - and extremely knowledgeable. A joy to work with and I would recommend him highly.”
— Louise Hallett, Owner, Hallett Independent Ltd.

“There are four kinds of public speakers/teachers: 1. Those who are very knowledgeable but cannot speak; 2. Those who can speak but lack knowledge; 3. Those who can speak and do have a lot of knowledge about the subject matter; 4. And those very rare speakers who know how to fascinate an audience for a long time because they are very well informed, know how to present this knowledge, dare to speak out about controversial matters, and have a great sense of humour. Tom Flynn without any doubt deserves a place in the last category. I whole-heartedly recommend Mr Flynn for conferences and high-end educational purposes.”
— Ton Cremers, Director/Founder, Museum Security Network

"Having served as an active participant in the art market for a number of years in a variety of capacities and having examined it through an academic lens, Tom Flynn provides students with unique insights into an otherwise opaque business. The student experience is further enhanced by his accessibility and passion for engaging with students both inside and outside of the classroom. During ARCA's MA course in International Art Crime Studies, Tom's skills were most evident in his ability to communicate his course materials to — and engage with — a student body from diverse demographics and backgrounds. As a result, Tom prepared students for careers by encouraging and inspiring them to seek ways to enter into a two-way dialogue with the art market.
— Mark Durney, Business and Admissions Director, ARCA Masters Programme in International Art Crime Studies, Amelia, Italy

"I have followed Tom Flynn's publications for several years now, and have sat in on approximately 15 hours of his lectures during the ARCA program in Art Crime. Tom is both a first-class speaker and writer. His knowledge and insight on the art market in particular is astounding, and I recommend his services without reservation."
— Kimberly Alderman, Cultural Property & Archaeology Attorney

"The art world is a unique microcosm and Tom's experience and understanding of it are extensive. What makes Tom invaluable is the comprehensive way in which he conveys this knowledge and engages you in discussion."
— Alexis Marotta, Director of Archives, Alexander Calder Foundation, New York

"Tom is a lecturer who not only teaches and impresses his audience with his extensive knowledge, but also inspires and motivates his students to think outside the box."
— Georg Grosse-Hohl, Expert on Art & Terrorism, Coordinator for International Programs at the Non-Profit 'Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Response Association' (DERA)

"Tom's class was an eye-opening and very thought-provoking insight into the different aspects of the art world. He shared his infinite knowledge with great professionalism and always the right amount of humour, which made his lectures the best experience of my ARCA summer."
—Corinne Dialer, Art Historian and Psychologist, Munich, Germany

"Tom joined the British Committee for the Reunification of the Parthenon Marbles (BCRPM) as Head of Communications and was a great inspiration to many. His knowledge of the art world is exceptional; he is at all times precise in all that he writes. He travelled to Sweden to deliver a lecture on the return of cultural objects and was well received by all, from the organisers to the audience. He is an asset to any just cause and campaign that promotes the true value of art."
— Marlen Taffarello, British Committee for the Reunification of the Parthenon Marbles